(2007, live cinema performance)

TIA MAK is a live VJ performance that remixes the classic documentary NANOOK OF THE NORTH into an avant-garde, pre-apocalyptic rock and roll show.

It’s different every time. Like a live music performance, there is a set list and a general blueprint for what will happen. But the specifics… shot choice, rhythm, and pacing change as the performer gets a feel for the venue and how the audience is feeling.

TIA MAK has been performed in many different kinds of settings; from film festivals where the audience sits and watches as if it were chamber music, to outdoor venues where beer flows freely.

While I am generally performing newer things, I'm always keen to dust this one of and play it again, updated for the times. Please feel free to contact me to arrange performances.



Selected Screenings and Awards:

  • SuperDeluxe (Tokyo)
  • Dallas Video Festival
  • IndieGrits Film Festival
  • Penn State
  • Iowa City Documentary Film Festival
  • UFVA 2009
  • Wake Forest University
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Coker College Centennial Celebration