Quark Star

(2005, interactive motion picture, 70 minutes)

Billions of years in the future... the fate of humanity rests in the hands of one deep space explorer. One vulgar, obsessive-compulsive, prejudiced guy in a tin foil hat. What could possibly go wrong?

Stuart Bing is all alone in the depths of space. All alone, that is, except for the two million clones of himself. When his starship starts to malfunction, he calls back to Earth for help, only to find that robots have taken over the planet, led by a spiteful, mechanical stand-up comic. Bing’s only hope is to discover the secret of the all-powerful Quark Star, and even then, it may not be enough…

Quark Star is more like a video game that a movie. It's a DVD-only motion picture, presented as the rescued captain’s log of Bing’s starship. The viewer chooses different sections of the logs to view, and they play back differently every time. Director Simon Tarr also plays Stuart Bing, all of his clones, and the Evil Robot Leader.


Quark Star is available for purchase from Amazon, and as a disc from Netflix (the whole piece isn’t available online, because the it is designed form the ground up to use the programmatic structures of the DVD). If you see it, a review at either of these sites would go a long way at getting the word out about this film… I’d appreciate it!

Selected Screenings and Awards:
Audience Choice Award, UFVA 2004 

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