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Sometimes I post links to product pages (for example, on Amazon or on the iTunes Store or a hosting provider). Sometimes these links may include an affiliate code, so that if a product is purchased after clicking on such a link, I may recieve a very small percentage of that sale.

This amount is very small, and I use it to support some of the cost of running this site. This gives me a nominal vested interest in having visitors purchase products using these links. This does not influence my decisions regarding the curation of links from this site.


I am an educator. However, this website exists completely outside the contracts and terms of my employment as an educator. Though I may write about my work and opinions as a media educator, this site is paid for completely by my individual company, Quark Nova, and all opinions expressed here are my own, and should not be construed as being affiliated in any way with my employer.


Sometime I may review products, or mention them as they pertain to topics I am interested in. If those products are paid sponsors, or are comped for review purposes, I will note that in my reviews. I do not believe that this influences my own content.


Work posted here is completely mine, unless it is linked, in which case it is appropriately cited. You have permission to share text on this site, so long as a.) you always include a link back to the original content, and b.) you do not use more that 250 words without my written permission. You have permission to embed video on yoursite ONLY with a link back to the original content here at

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