The Long Way Down

(2010-17, installed moving image)

She usually dreams of... well, tonight she is happy.

A ghostly image of woman climbs endlessly to--somewhere. The loop evolves mathematically as more and more of her ascends and ascends.

(This piece can be adjusted to fit onto nearly any surface, the larger the better. The result is always hypnotic, and viewers regularly stop in their tracks, unable to look away.

The duration of the piece can be anything from an afternoon to a permanent installation. To install The Long Way Down at your venue, just drop me a line, and we can talk about details.)

Selected Exhibitions:

  • University of Mary Washington, 2016
  • Artista Vista—Columbia, SC, 2012
  • Ecce Gallery, Fargo Film Festival—Fargo, ND, 2012
  • UFVA Juried New Media Exhibit—Burlington, VT, 2010