(2012, theatrical projections design)

I did the projections design for Hieronymous, a play that was written and directed by Nic Ularu, and premiered at LaMaMa in New York on NY, Jan 20, 2012.

This was a beautiful piece, and my first time working at LaMaMa. The entire story of my part of the production is detailed in this series of blog posts.

Nic Ularu is a legendary set designer who also happens to be a fantastic writer and director for the theater. He's the reason my work started crossing over from concert-style live performance to theater. Nic's work has such a distinct style, I'm really thrilled to be able to work with him.

Hieronymous Bosch prays as his visions torment him. From the play Hieronymous (2012) written and directed by Nic Ularu, projections by Simon Tarr