Berserk-O-Matic Trance Spectacles

Also known as "red/blue 3D glasses." If you need a pair to get the full effect of my films Burning Contour Matrix, Sundog Verga Matrix, and FUD (collectively, the BLU RED BLU collection streaming on Amazon), here are some links to some good, inexpensive ones.

The 10 pack of paper ones are good for groups, but are less comfortable. The better plastic ones are much more comfortable and sturdy. I'm embarrassed to admit that I use the clip-ons for when I'm making this kind of work. They are hideously dorky but work well.

Remember when you're using them for my films—these are not actually 3D! The glasses separate out what each of your eyes sees, feeding each side of your brain a different image... but the films are not designed for a "comin' at ya" 3D experience. That's why I call them "Berserk-o-Matic Trance Spectacles."