You Say That Like It's a Bad Thing

They sound like the grown-ups in Peanuts animations. "Womp womp wah-wah womp."  Yes ma'am. "Wah wah-wah womp Obamacare."

I live in one of the states that refuses to expand Medicare. You know, because of "womp wah-wah womp muh freedoms."  One estimate suggested that 6000 will die in those states that could have been prevented with adequate care.

Sound alarming? Like a call to action? Let me assure you of one thing in these states. Quietly, in private, unspoken, this is viewed only as good news. You can feel the hate in their breath when they couch their opinions in terms of fiscal responsibility. I wrote this about year ago, and it's as true as ever: "They will hate immigrants. They will hate dark skin. They will hate gays. But more than all of that put together, they will always, always hate the poor."