You Can't Eat An Air Conditioner

This post's title comes from the film PUTNEY SWOPE, written and directed in 1969 by Robert Downey, Sr.

In that incomprehensible, wonderful film, the titular character is a black man on the board of directors of an advertising firm. When the CEO dies, the board votes for a new one, but members aren't allowed to vote for themselves, and each believes himself to be the heir. Everyone decides to vote for the one person they think no one else would ever vote for: Swope. Righteous hilarity ensues.

My Kickstarter campaign to fund my next DVD with pre-orders ends in about 48 hours, on August 8. Absent a miracle, it's not going to succeed. More on why in future posts.

About that miracle. What I need now is a Putney Swope Event.

Who on Kickstarter hasn't chipped in ten bucks to a campaign that you know isn't going to make it? Everybody does it, it feels good, and it doesn't cost anything because its going to fail anyway.

A couple times, I've done that and inadvertently played a part in a last minute surge that funded the project.

Celebrities now use Kickstarter as ATM machines wired to their fans' fantasies, and the front page is filled with 3d printed artisanal granola MMORPG t-shirts. As fast as Kickstarter's potential was promised, I wonder if that promise has already been over-capitalized, co-opted, and homogenized?

So, why not kick in... it's not like it'll actually get funded, right? Swope?