What's that? What's that, Hawaiian music?

A quick break from my Egypt posts for a bit of tech punditry. Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is out, as are the ads. They're cleverly done, and the message is inadvertantly complex. The surface analysis (which the MS marketing people would like you to believe is the only one) is that life is going on and you're missing it, get your head out of your phone.

Underneath that (via Daring Fireball) is the fear that you're not using your PC nearly as much anymore.

But the emotion right underneath THAT is where I think Microsoft is aiming. They're selling Windows phones to people who hate people who like their phones. (I was originally going to write "people who hate people with iPhones," but it's more than that.) Look at the people being caricatured. They are all either young and quasi-hipster-ish (the scarf, the sunglasses) or very rich (the older dude in bed with the younger lingerie-clad lover, the boating vacation, the opera, the $20K wedding).

"Just look at them. You hate them and their money and their Pabst Blue Ribbon. That ain't working, that's the way you do it, you play the guitar on the MTV."

It also reminds me of every single person (especially academics) who dismisses video games by saying "you should go outside more." That's loneliness speaking.