Welcome to UFVA 2010!

August 10, 2010

I've been looking forward to this since last August. As I write this, members of the University Film and Video Association are convening in beautiful Burlington, VT. Just walking down to help install art in the New Media galleries, I ran into friends I'd not seen in a year... a few I hadn't seen in even longer... and I remember why I keep coming back to the UFVA Conference. People, people, and people.

Champlain College is small, lovely, and it's all ours this week. Karen Klove and her colleagues have done exemplary work setting up this conference. The events you know and love are back in full force, there are a few new events, and maybe a few surprises.

I strongly recommend that you spend some time with the online schedule, and take advantage of the ability to build a personalized schedule with the new "My Conference Schedule" function.

Some things I'd like to point out that might not be obvious to conference attendees this year:

  • The Welcome session on Wednesday morning will serve as your orientation to the conference, as well as a marvelous surprise guest speaker.

  • Saturday at 3:30pm there will be a "Fond Farewell" session to remember pioneering members who passed away this year: Herb and Bea Farmer, George Wehbi, Skip Landon, and Ned Hockman.

  • Saturday at 10:30am we have a new session that we are experimenting with... the UFVA Awards / Kodak Scholarship Screening! At this brunch session we will screen highlights from the UFVA Juried Screening Awards of Merit, Carole Fielding Grant winners, and the Kodak Scholarship winners.

As you go about the conference, I hope you'll take advantage of some of our social media endeavors:

It's going to be a great conference... I look forward to spending time with you this week!


Simon Tarr
UFVA Conference Vice-President