UFVA 2010

The UFVA Conference Planning Team has finished the schedule for the 2010 University Film and Video Conference, to be held in Burlington, VT August 11-14. I'm posting the initial schedule on the web in a rough form so that people can plan travel (of course, the best plan is to come for the whole conference, it will be amazing this year).

Not included in this schedule: new media, grad students, descriptions, locations, caucus meetings, events, parties, basketball games, golf... you get the idea. To find where you are scheduled, use your browser's "Find" function.

Here it is:


Note: the planning team is collecting info on errors and issues with this schedule. At this I prefer to fix those issues in large waves, rather than as myriad little tweaks, since a project I'm working on at the moment doesn't allow me to revise constantly.

NEW: There is a MAY 24 UPDATE!