UFVA 2010 Conference Site

Looking forward to seeing many of you at this year's University Film and Video Association Conference next week. This is my first conference as the Conference Vice President, so I'm a little anxious for everything to get rolling, but the team at Champlain College has done to fantastic work, and it should be an outstanding conference.

The NEW UFVA website is live. And actually alive, rather than a brain-dead zombie. Jeff Warmouth is a wonderful human being for all the work he's done with it, it's a Drupal tour-de-force. Go check it out.

The 2010 Conference Schedule is complete, and it is also online. There will be, of course, a print schedule, but since things have gone to print, there have already been some personnel changes in some sessions. One reason to use the online schedule is to be sure you're looking at the most accurate schedule. Reason 2: you can build a personalized conference schedule that sticks with your login. Reason 3: there's a mobile version of the site, formatted for the small screen. Yeah yeah, it's not an iPhone app. Anyone who wants to volunteer to build one for 2011 for free is hired...

More to come, stay tuned.