Hi! We probably haven't met, but I'll be visiting your FILM 240 class on the 14th, and this post is to gather a few things for you that might be useful to help situate my work, or spark you to formulate questions in advance. As I understand, you're going to be in the throes of studying video and new media, and that's the context in which I'll be visiting you.

As you've probably figured out, all of my work is collected at my website here where you're reading this. The artworks are divided into "films" and "not-films." (note: since this writing, these have been conflated into The Work)

Depending on how you are thinking and talking about "video," the work under the "films" category may apply to the conversation. All but the oldest work there is deeply invested in negotiating a relationship with the digital as a tool and as a condition (lens? state or being?).

The "not-film" category is primarily things that you would probably be able to work into a Manovich-ian taxonomy. So, "new media." The newest of the mediazz. My least favorite categorization of anything. There's video installation (which I wouldn't call "new," but many do), theatrical projections design (not new in my world, but considered very new in theater), and performance (which is pretty new, I'll admit). There's also a few things that straddle both, like a feature-length sci-fi DVD that is actually a video game.

I was planning to talk a bit about performance in particular, since I think it's pretty interesting. I'll be using my remix of Nanook of the North, called TIA MAK, to frame the practice.  If you've never seen Nanook, you might want to watch it here. It's pretty great, and there are volumes and volumes of good writing on it.


There's also this blog, which serves as reflective communication for me. I like all my blog posts, but I picked these as the most salient for looking at how the sausage is made. If you want to read them as they come out, you can point your newsreader to (I use Newsblur to keep my RSS and blog subscriptions straight. Highly recommended.)

Mission Fission—This is from when I made graduate students write mission statements, and I promised to write my own as well.

Glitchscape blog posts—The most recent huge project I did, and the blog posts I wrote while doing it.

Hieronymous blog posts—A series of unhinged posts telling the adventure of building theatrical projections for a show at LaMaMa in under two weeks.

Brown Bag Questions—Answering questions from a brown bag talk I gave.

Get Off The Monk's Lawn—I really like this ranty piece. 

Looking forward to talking with you!