Things Go Boom

Look, I get it. Many people in my own family sacrificed and some died fighting for our country over the last hundred and fifty years. I, as ever, salute and appreciate them.

But just once on Independence Day, I'd love to hear something other than genuflecting to the military over the PA system during fireworks...

"You know who does a lot of work maintaining foundations of democracy an freedom? Civics teachers!"

"Tonight, we honor those who came before us and literally wrote the books that preceded the American Revolution. Political Philosophers!"

"All that ordnance? All those fireworks? Let's all recognize the chemists!"

Alas, no. It would seem that first, last, and everything with regard to the formation of our country and its sustenance since rests solely on the people that make things go boom.

(Except not the fireworks people. Looks like they had a shitty night last night.)