The Next DVD

Within the next month or so, I'm going to be Kickstarting a new DVD called DISCORDIA, which will have greatest hits from the last 5 or 6 years on it (Giri Chit, Mother, a version of TIA MAK, FUD, a loop of the Long Way Down, and some other stuff as well). Before I do, I'd like to test the water on some of the rewards I'd been thinking of offering.

Here's my thoughts on rewards:

  • $1— An emailed thanks and karma points.
  • $5— A lovely postcard suitable for framing.
  • $10— Your name in the credits of the DVD as a supporter.
  • $20— A copy of DISCORDIA.
  • $30— DISCORDIA, and a copy of RUBICON (2004)
  • $40— DISCORDIA, RUBICON, and QUARK STAR (2005)
  • $60— DISCORDIA, the others, and copy of DISCORDIA for your public library.
  • $100— A question or topic of your choice, discussed in the commentary track.
  • $200— You and me in the DVD commentary track together recorded locally or over Skype, discussing the one of the films.

Then there's always the hilarious stretch goals.

  • $4000— The project gets funded.
  • $6000— The printed artwork of the disc packaging gets extended.
  • $8000— I'll remaster and add in the short films from SPY IN THE HOUSE OF LUDD.

So. What do you think? I'm leaving the comments turned on here for once, so I'd like to hear your thoughts, either here or on FB or the twitters.