The Grand Design Unfolds

Tenure is not guaranteed employment for life—only political demagogues who want to be able to erase programs they don't like say this. Tenure is simply protection against political pressure. True research and true pursuit of knowledge means being able to pursue that path without merely serving at the pleasure of political whim.

We who chose to be in his field did so precisely because we trade private sector salary for the pursuit of the knowledge where it leads, not at someone else's pleasure. That's the deal. If you want at will service of experts leading research, get ready to pay for it, or witness the end of public higher education.

But then again, that's what they really want, isn't it? Are you going to fight this time, faculty? Decades slipped away, governance slipped away and you couldn't be bothered as deans sold it all up the chain. Pissing away privilege earned—EARNED, not given.

And behold, the great public universities are falling, soon to be no better than some for-profit diploma mill. I hated that class and he had tenure, let's make them all dance... stem cell research? let's make them dance. History? Make them dance for us. Poetry and chemistry and all of it must dance for us or tear it all down. That's the real reform we know because we're experts because we paid our discount fare and that's all expertise is any more.

Their grand design unfolds—no rest until every one you disagree with is in prison, every stem graduate training their H1-B replacement, every arts and humanities grad doing marketing. And anyone who dares create new knowledge that isn't salable must ever dance on command.