The Complete Bosch Glitch series

I hope people enjoyed by recollection of the process of designing the projections for Hieronymous. In case you are joining us at the end of our program, or just would like to see the posts not spread over weeks, here are all the links in one place.

Bosch Glitch

Part 1: The Hermit Saint

Part 1B: The Haywain

Part 1C: The Conjurer

Part 2: Curio of Folly

Part 3: Death of the Reprobate

Part 4: Hell and the Flood

Part 5: The Hermit Saint Returns

Part 6: The Epiphany Triptych

Part 7A: Final Judgment, part 1

Part 7B: Final Judgment, part 2

Part 7C: Final Judgment, part 3