Looking Practice

And a big hello again to the lovely MART 110 students I visited Wednesday. Some films that I referred to (and more that I've made that relate to this concept of the practice of looking:

Also, several students talked to me later about the Media Arts program at USC, which is where one would study to be a filmmaker, imagemaker, game designer, etc. You can find out a lot more about that at our Facebook page here: (including curriculum, student work, etc). Or contact me, I can tell you more.

Hope this is useful.

Fly the #coop110

To students in Dr. Cooper's section of MART/FILM 110 (a.k.a. #coop110 on the tooters):

I'll be visiting your class on Wed. Sept 5 to talk a bit about "looking." If there ares specific questions you'd like me to address, tweet them at me.

Vis-a-vis "looking," I've made a few movies that mess with this and problematize it a bunch. I'll talk about some examples, but if you'd like to watch the whole pieces you can see them here (for free): Mother of the World, Giri Chit, and Interruptus.

Student Backup Weekend

I hereby declare this weekend Student Backup Weekend for Spring Semester! And while I'm declaring it, I'll declare that Student Backup Weekend isn't just for students anymore.

You haven't backed up your work. I know you haven't. So, this is the weekend to do it. The semester's about to get real, and ugly. You're thinking that you'll back up after your projects are done, maybe after finals.

It's too late then. When a failure happens, it's going to happen in the next couple weeks, i.e. the worst possible time. If you back up now, you'll be able to recover in case of disaster. If you don't, you're going to be screwed.

Get another hard drive or USB stick, and make a copy of all your documents, and ideally your media as well. If you can't get one, use a lot of DVD-r's. Then, get a free Dropbox account, and put your most critical documents there (get friends to sign up and get yourself some extra space. I'd do this myself, but I'm maxed out already). Encrypt your backups if you're twitchy.

Go do it. Now. I'm advising you based on personal experience, and also based on patterns I've seen with students. There's nothing sadder than a semester long film completely lost right before it is completed.