Very Small Horses

After what feels like years... oh wait, it actually was years... a paper that Paul Weiss and I wrote called "Very Small Horses: Visualizing Motion at the Nanoscale" is finally in print in the October 2012 issue of Leonardo Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology. The link goes right to MIT Press to get a full text PDF, if your library has JSTOR you can just log in and get the full text that way.

I hope you enjoy it, Paul and I have been working on it since 2008, and I'm just so tickled about it. I read my first issue of Leonardo when I was an undergraduate and I picked it up in the bookstore on a whim. When I learned about the work going on at the University of South Carolina looking at nanoscience and society, it was one of the deciding factors that made me want to come work here, which has lead to some great friendships and exciting work.

Also, there's some great images in the article. Xenon atoms, gold step edges, and pictures of my kid spazzing.

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