It had a really different perspective

I don't know what's more galling. 1.) Being a film pariah for making experimental work. 2.) Being an experimental film pariah for making work that doesn't mesh with the parameters du jour. 3.) Suffering fools who think any filmmaking that happens to be missing structure or narrative is experimental, when they really ought to know better.

Oh. Now that I see it laid out like that, the answer is 3.

Doesn't This Post Not Disprove Betteridge's Law?

Betteridge's Law of Headlines states:

Any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.

So let me test this out, in light of the Chicago Sun-Times' firing its entire staff of 28 photographers, opting instead to ""train"" its """reporters""" in iPhone """"photography.""""

Is journalism in the United States a worthy endeavor any longer?

Yup, it works.

The Female Thing


"He's cute," says Grandpa, "but i don't like his tendency toward the female. The female thing."

Grandma thinks about it for a moment. "Yes," she says. "He was watching Cinderella. At least that's a classic."

"And there's males in it too," says Grandpa. "You got the Prince," then Grandpa trails off, leaving it at that.


I remember my first election, I was 4 years old and went to the polls with my Dad in Pittsburgh. I don't remember if my Mom or baby brother were there at the time. It was sort of dark, it must've been in the evening, in this big dingy room. I only recall the name "Ford" coming up because it was easy to remember.

I don't remember any other times I went to vote with either of my parents, just fuzzy visuals and feelings from that first time. I've taken my son every year to what we now know as "The Voting Park." It's just a thing we do, and I hope the visuals stick with him as the ones from 1976 do with me.

Scrapple. Wait, no...

I use Literature and Latte's Scrivener for all my complex, multi-node writing. Love it. Can't wait for the iOS version to come out (oh please oh please come out soon).

They just came out with a beta of a new app called Scapple, which is awesome for two reasons. First, it seems to be a midd-mapping app that is even less restrictive than a mind-map. And second, it makes me think of scrapple.

Mmmm... scrapple.


Went swimming this morning and immediately afterwards invented a new word. Are you sitting down?

An all-encompassing, fundamental world view of what the universe is going to be like after I lose just a little more weight.

You guys can use it whenever you want, license-free. Just, you know, link back.

More Delaware Facts

FACT: All stores in Delaware are required by law to be outlets. Exceptions can be made for novelty t-shirt stores.

FACT: In Delaware, all televisions in a given household must be turned on, even if no one is watching them.

FACT: In Delaware, it's Local on the 8's.

FACT: Any land in Delaware steeper than a 3% grade must be paved.

FACT: Signage outside local businesses in Delaware must affirm that God has in fact blessed America.

Like Shooting Mitts in a Barrel

The "With Mitt" iPhone app is perhaps the greatest work of political rhetoric in our great nation's history. And I thought this before I realized that "America" was spelled "AMERCIA" in the app.

Someone, somewhere, thought this was a good idea. And I agree with them. Hope you like what I've made with the app (with sincere apologies to Clippy and Dorothea Lange).


Bring it back with a full tank.

I picked up the iPad to check on a recipe and... no battery. It was lying there, right next to the charging cable, completely drained from some urchin playing Stack the States.

That thing where teenagers borrow the car and bring it back with an empty tank? Which, I can assure you that I NEVER did, don't listen to anyone especially my father.

I guess this is the new version of that.

The Weight

I got a letter from the President of the University today, recommending that I be promoted to associate professor and awarded tenure. All that's left is for the Board of Trustees to bless it, and then for me to sign a new contract.

I've got a lot of jokes about it, many thank you notes to write, and a bit of reflecting to do. Thanks for reading. It's good to be doing this.

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I've been dutifully separating out the paper recycling in my office for the five years I've worked here. Setting it in a marked bin, only paper, never mixed with other things.

Today I was in my office when the custodian came in and dumped it into the trash with a friendly smile on his face. I asked him, "have you ever put the recycling in with the recycling?"

Still smiling, very friendly. "No."