It Sounded Better In My Head

After years of saying I wanted to do a podcast but never getting around to it, all it took was my son’s enthusiasm to make it happen. He and I started a new podcast: It Sounded Better In My Head. It’s about... well, it’s sort of about games. But I think it’s actually about playing.

The kid’s really good, and I think it’s a lot of fun to listen to. I wonder how long we’ll stick it out? (He’s already talking about trying to get sponsors...)


Hi! We probably haven't met, but I'll be visiting your FILM 240 class on the 14th, and this post is to gather a few things for you that might be useful to help situate my work, or spark you to formulate questions in advance. As I understand, you're going to be in the throes of studying video and new media, and that's the context in which I'll be visiting you.

It had a really different perspective

I don't know what's more galling. 1.) Being a film pariah for making experimental work. 2.) Being an experimental film pariah for making work that doesn't mesh with the parameters du jour. 3.) Suffering fools who think any filmmaking that happens to be missing structure or narrative is experimental, when they really ought to know better.

Oh. Now that I see it laid out like that, the answer is 3.

The Complete Glitchscape Series

My ruminations about Glitchscape as it was being created and evolving went on over many weeks. Here are the posts in one place.