Summer Podcast Guide

Long drives. No classes. Home improvement with headphones on. All of these things say "time to catch up on podcasts." Here are my recommendations. I subscribe to all of these directly through an iPhone app called Downcast, which is currently better than its competitors. Do not try to subscribe to these through iTunes, which sucks for podcasts. And many other things.

Gutterballs: The Lebowski Deepcast. In each episode, Brad and Adam discuss one minute of The Big Lebowski. As I write this, they are already up to minute 22, and I feel I will never catch up. It's magnificent.

Roderick on the Line. I'm not going to make any pithy inside jokes about Supertrain. Just go listen to this fucking podcast.

Back to Work. I don't know what this podcast is about anymore, and I don't really care. The flagship show of the 5by5 network, and the source of my deep, abiding affection for Merlin Mann's work.

Radiolab. Yep, I'm part of the east coast proto-liberal intellectual establishment, and as such I am required to listen to Radiolab.

Philosophy Bites. Wonderful and funny.

Here's the Thing. Alternately brilliant and insufferable. Just skip the insufferable ones.

Let's Make Mistakes. Mike Montiero informs a lot of how I approach things. Which may be why I screw so many things up.

There. Enjoy. One problem that I have with all of these podcasts is that they all make me want to record my own podcasts, which I am almost certain that I don't have the time to do. Maybe.