Hi there, grad students! I'll be visiting MART 701 next week, and this post is to help prepare. I know you've got a lot of stuff you're writing, some of you are probably wrestling with artist statements, others are doing different research.

I'm gathering here a compilation of things I've written that might be useful or spark questions. The first thing you should know is that I'm between major projects. This is sort of like being in limbo. I don't even really know who I am, entirely, right now. As a result, I don't have an artist's statement to speak of at the moment. I've got standard bio material, I've got things I'm forced to write, but if you want to see something that would get nailed onto the wall of a gallery, I don't have that. Most of the time, I don't use gallery statements like that anyway. I usually write about a specific artwork in question, and then supplement that with a spartan biographical statment, but I generally don't craft extensive personal narratives that then map my entire body of work into arc of inquiry.

That said, I write a lot. It might be the most important thing I do. And almost all of my writing ends up on my website, unless it's for other publication. Here are links to things I've written. I like all my blog posts, but I picked these as the most salient for our conversations. If you want to read them as they come out, you can point your newsreader to I use Newsblur to keep my RSS and blog subscriptions straight.

 Mission Fission—This is from when I made the 702 students write mission statements, and I promised to write my own as well.

Theoretical Spirit AnimalsBased on another writing assignment from 702, inspired by a dinner conversation with a job candidate. Dr. Cooley will taught me this game, and it's an amusing intellectual icebreaker.

Glitchscape blog postsThe most recent huge project I did, and the blog posts I wrote while doing it.

Hieronymous blog postsA series of sort of unhinged posts telling the wadventure of building theatrical projections for a show at LaMaMa in under two weeks.

Mother of the World blog postsI traveled to Egypt before the revolution. These are the pieces I wrote while I was there, they informed my thinking that eventually evolved into my film "Mother of the World."

Brown Bag QuestionsAnswering questions from a brown bag talk I gave.

The Hawser RollsLamenting the state of conversation over experimental film.

Get Off The Monk's LawnI really like this ranty piece. 

Very Small HorsesAn article about animation and nanotech that I co-wrote. Sign in with your library credentials, and then follow the link and you'll be able to get the full text.