Sauron + Pentagon = Stop Bullying?

There’s new emoji. Tacos. Middle fingers. We can say so much more now.

But then there’s the open-eyeball-in-a-word-bubble emoji. This showed up in betas of iOS 9.1 to a chorus of “WTF,” and now it has been revealed that it’s an anti-bullying logo. The Ad Council came up with the “I Am A Witness” strategy. Ace designers crafted the icon. Silicon Valley companies are falling over themselves to adopt it. Which is nice.

When today’s youth see unseemly things being said online (like “you are garbage”) the good guy kids are supposed to swoop in with this emoji that looks like a cross between the Eye of Sauron and the Information Awareness Office logo. Then the Scott Farkuses of the world will know that they are on notice.

Because if anyone knows how to win over the hearts and minds of young people, it’s ad agencies doing pro bono work.