"Rubicon" "Simon Tarr" "Torrent" "WTF"

Looking at my analytics, I discovered that people have been finding my site using the search keywords "RUBICON" "SIMON TARR" "TORRENT". This makes me happy, though a bit puzzled.

Um, you can already see Rubicon at full resolution for free at this site. Though I admit, you miss out on all the cool hidden DVD stuff, so a torrent of the DVD image would have that.

But the packaging is so pretty—the look of the print on the disc, the hidden messages in the insert. I designed it to be a whole package, and it really works and is gorgeous.

So, look. If you want the whole Rubicon thing and were going to torrent it so you can get the DVD features, but are just too hard up to buy it (you can even get it used... some people really didn't like it), drop me a line. We can work something out.