Hiring for My New Team

We're building a new team for the Rhodos Fellows Living Learning Community in Information, Design, and Technology at the University of South Carolina, where I am serving as the Faculty Principal (info about Rhodos: http://bitly.com/rhodos2018). We're hiring two brand new full time positions that we need to make this initiative a success.

One person will be the Assistant Principal of Rhodos. Put simply, this person will be my lieutenant, my right-hand and probably also left-hand person. Organizing educational programs, developing co-curricular initiatives, coordinating leadership and outreach programs, and promoting a rich community. This is so important. I need to find the right person for this or I will be crushed into a pulp. Here is the official posting: https://uscjobs.sc.edu/postings/28400

Another person will be the Business Manager for Rhodos. Administrative, office management, budgetary, and programmatic support for me and the Rhodos community. Also, so very important. I need a great person for this or I will be lost, wandering in the desert. Here is the official posting: https://uscjobs.sc.edu/postings/28370

Maybe you know someone who would be interested (or maybe you *are* someone who would be interested) in a great new place to work at the University or South Carolina... please point them to these positions! Not sure which one to apply for to join the team? Maybe apply for both!