Remember, It's Not a Culture Disagreement

The Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision came out today. 5-4, in favor of a second-rate corporation cynically claiming "religious freedom" to support their erroneous assertion that contraception is the same as abortion. Don't be thick. They don't really believe that. That's just what they knew would work with the court.

Remember. It's a culture war. They declared it. And they will. Not. Stop. Ever. Until we are all slaves in a dominionist fantasy. This is yet another wedge to open the door wider to theocracy. Rationalists, secularists, and intellectuals can pretend that it's not war, pretend that it's a complicated issue that can be educated or respectfully tolerated.

But it's not complicated. It's very simple. They are plainly wrong, and they are quite simply rotten to the core.

They will never rest, and they will never fight clean. They will change every statute, they will stack every school board, they will subvert every voting process, they will buy every public servant. They will not stop until we are united under one particular sharia of one particular club. When will you accept that your complete submission and subservience is their only goal? Will you take the gloves off then?

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