Or Maybe It's Something Else

"Black Friday" returns are in. $50B in sales, down from $57 last year. Bloomberg portrays it as "consumers reduce spending." Fortune pins it on an abundance of deals earlier in the year. The New York Times has the guts to say that nobody really knows what the hell happened. Puzzled experts, indeed.

The transfusion of currency into the machine went down 11%. That wasn't supposed to happen. It's supposed to be predictable—open the stores earlier, people put in more money. Maybe the die-ins across the country reflected something bigger? Maybe people are no longer in the mood to throw money into a system without considering all the murderous things that system might perpetuate? Maybe pushing people to work big box stores on Thanksgiving, the marketers that run the media finally crossed a line that American money-burners find conspicuous?

Maybe a culture predicated on the assumption on infinite growth is showing itself as a lie?