One Week Left

Home stretch. Practice. Travel. Rehearsal on Tuesday. More practice. Then on Friday is the show.

I've built some interesting masking patches in Quartz Composer to use as plugins, and now I'm neck deep in VDMX, which is my live performing software. I'll be posting updates with fresh images, dispatches from the rehearsal, and food notes. Because come on, it's Manhattan. And knowing me, I'll probably get all weepy around Thursday. I particularly can't wait to hear the Dan Visconti's whole composition with full orchestration, including the circuit bent toys.

The full name of the show is coLABoratory: Playing It UNsafe on Friday, April 5 at 7:30pm at Carnegie Hall. The piece that Dan and I are doing, Glitchscape, is one of five new compositions (though ours in the only one that has a new live video piece as a part of it. If you're in New York, tickets are still available here, and I'd be honored if you saw it. And I'd really love to hear what you think of it if you do.

If you know anyone in the New York area who likes new music and experimental film performance, I'd really appreciate it if you'd forward them the invitation to the event via Facebook (which also has links to tickets and stuff).

And finally, here's another cryptic preview image, from a bird that was in the show, then cut from it, and now is back in very different form. See you soon, and thanks for reading this stuff.