Link: Lucid Notes on Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is important. Unless you believe that private transnationals should be able to set limits on types of access to a publicly-developed-taxpayer-funded resource based on their own profitability.

So when the admittedly right-leaning Supreme Court offered recent opinions regarding net neutrality, the immediate knee-jerk reaction was to say that SCOTUS predictably sold out net neutrality to Big Business. Now, while I think about three Justices are total partisan proto-fascist hacks (Scalia, Alito, Thomas), this reaction by the left is simply nonsense, and completely fails to look at the actual specifics of the opinion, and fails to realize that the FCC is for the most part incompetent.

BUT in comes Nick Robison, who wrote the best analysis on the whole matter thus far that I've seen.  Read it.