North Korea Truther

Call me a truther, but I don't buy for one second that North Korea is behind all the nonsense with "The Interview." Even beyond all the actual tech that points to it being fake, it's just too perfect. 

Sony, a company that nearly everyone hates, gets to play the role of martyr. The U.S.—stinging from the embarrassment being revealed as a racially-divided, trigger-happy, quasi-police-state of torture apologists—could really use an external enemy to pound on to distract the rabble. But one more real war and the place is going to collapse.

No way. This whole thing is an inside job.

However, I'm thoroughly enjoying all of the bastions of "independent cinema" now riding to the rescue of Freedom of Expression. Little independent theaters chomping at the bit to show an expensive and very very stupid Rogan/Franco vehicle. 

Nobody's really falling for this act, are they? Look. There are nearly zero exhibition spaces for cinema today (for-profit, non-profit, art-house, microcinemas, film festivals, doesn't matter) that give an honest to damn about independent cinema as art. Oh sure, there might have been ten years ago, maybe. But now they're all desperately trying to figure out how not to go bankrupt, or serving as a craven political tool. That means showing literally whatever they can to sell a ticket. If that means perpetual midnight runs of Rocky Horror, so be it. If they could afford to license all Star Wars revivals all the time, they would. It's asses in seats.

But Christ, indy cinemas get to act smug/edgy and hip/relevant but show this turd of a movie that they know will sell out all its shows? It's perfect. They'll break even this month and still be able to look in the mirror and say "we did it for cinema" with a straight face.