New Blog Tag: "Burn In Hell Adobe"

Adobe really loves to screw over customers who aren't their Enterprise Partners. So often, in fact, that I've added a new tag to my blog for the increasing number of posts that enumerate the reasons that Adobe specifically needs to, as a company, burn in hell.

Today's "burn in hell, Adobe" news isn't totally new. It's just that I only learned about it today as I went to resume a back-burnered project that I was looking forward to finishing. It was a media-based, video-centric DPS project to deploy on iPads.

You see, though the Creative Cloud subscription is designed to bleed indy artists and poorer educational institutions dry (see prior post—Adobe to Non-Filthy Rich Schools: Drop Dead), it's actually decent for individual artists a lot of the time. And part of that subscription had included a license to create and deploy DPS projects. Not enough leeway to build a huge multi-issue magazine, but enough to be a nice added value to indy artists.


So. That's gone now. My project is dead. And I'm a fool to have thought I could trust any company with a service, especially Adobe. As I wrote back in 2012 in my post "Tarr's Law of Tech Douchebaggery":

...we should beware going forward. This is beginning to resemble the dealings of the cable companies and cell companies, who are among the most reviled businesses around that are not banks.

So. Screw you, forever, Adobe. Someday, if my boot is never on your neck, I'll read you all the posts with this tag before I press down harder.