It Finally Clicked

There have been some images stuck in my head since I was a little kid. They've been with me for so long that I forget that they're only in my mind. I actually don't know if they're only in my mind.

I finally caught one of them tonight. Just a couple minutes ago, I got a hold of one I've been chasing for about twelve years. It's not done yet, but it will be soon. I'm surprised and pleased that it looks like it's going to end up playing a part in a new piece that'll be coming out in April.

Which leads me to the next thing. There's about to be a whole lot of self-promotion, announcements, dates, times, photos, interviews, and so forth coming. I hope you'll be as excited about it all as I am. If you see fit to pass the news along as it comes out, I'll be very grateful.

Not trying to be cryptic, I just want to save the big stuff for when people are actually reading and forwarding things. But I had to write this now to mark the occasion. The image finally clicked.