Islands in the Stream

In an exciting turn of events, many of my films are now available on Amazon streaming, with more  of my back catalog to come over the next few months! As of this writing, new remastered versions of Giri Chit, Interruptus, Drang 8th Ave, and Mother of the World are now available for Amazon Prime members, and most are also available to purchase to keep permanently in your library. I've had most of my work available to watch up til now, but only through this web site. Now everyone will be able to discover my films serendipitously, and can watch on pretty much any smart TV device, which is way better than watching on a computer or phone (but you can do that too, I'm not judging)!

It's taking a little while to get the work up, because I'm remastering everything, and everything has to be captioned as well. Next will include a compilation of films that use 3D glasses, more back catalog, and then it'll get weird. I'm going to start putting out pieces that have only been in installations, like The Long Way Down. I remember once at a gallery someone saw that piece and said "I want that, like, in my house." So here's a way to have it in your house.

Then, I'm really looking forward to putting new work out on this platform. I've been dreading pressing discs again because of the up front costs. But until now, I haven't had a reasonable way to sell new work. Selling downloads on my own site it possible, but the work isn't easily findable and it's hard to get it to your TV seamlessly. There are some other solutions, but they all suck. iTunes shuts out indy shorts unless you're contracted with a big company I won't name, FilmBaby only allows features, and none of them have decent enough penetration—except for Netflix, who hasn't asked me yet.

But Amazon has all this stuff, and they asked me, so I'm in! I hope you'll watch the work now that it's even easier to discover and remember (put it in your queue)... and most importantly, if you could take a moment and leave a quick review, that would do a lot for increasing my work's discoverability.