Ignis Fatuus Shooting Souvenir—Day 5

Semi-solid day today, despite the critic. Ended up driving more than shooting. French highways would be laid out better by overtired toddlers using Thomas the Tank Engine snap-together roads. And the rural roads... well, you saw yesterday's image. And everyone involved in designing a mapping application needs to be put out of their misery.

Point being, I was thinking about Stephen King's "On Writing," which is a terrific book that I recommend. When he's on a project, he writes 2000 words per day. Not necessarily the 2000 he'll use. But he puts his ass in the seat and makes that happen. Now, I'm definitely not writing a novel, but I can put my as in the seat and go. So after this morning's tussle with him, I went out and shot 150GB. Some gorgeous stuff. Definitely not all stuff I'll use, but that's not my job right now. My job is to wait for the switch to flip.

Anyway, just look at this jerk.