Ignis Fatuus Scanning Souvenir

The last stretch has been scanning and analyzing documents from the 1940's. War stuff. Death stuff. Obvious, I guess, if the central person was killed in the war.


Things start getting funny with the accounting of the Scholl & Tarr Dairy. Or rather, the Tarr Dairy, which became Scholl & Tarr Dairy, and then Scholl Dairy. There's something odd about the audit and appraisal, about the exchanges between the lawyers and a 26-year-old widow of two months. Everything down to the initial partnership agreement that split the dairy right before my grandfather went off to war. It's not sitting right with me.

Maybe it'll lead somewhere. Maybe it'll lead somewhere interesting. At the very least there's fantastic line drawings like this layout of the dairy in West Newton, PA. Wait until you see the logo. I'm saving that one for later.