I Use This Stuff (Mobile, part 2)


Continuing with my post about what I use on my favorite computer (my phone), now we enter the area of boring but useful. I use WeatherBug Elite, because I like to look at data and the stock weather app doesn't have enough information for me. I need maps, radar, pressure. Amazon's app is better than using the mobile website. Flashlight, because I stub my toes. Dragon dictation is good, but I don't use it. Nebulous Notes is a fantastic way to write text and sync it through Dropbox, but again, I don't use it very much because it doesn't fit my writing workflow very well.


For food, I can't say enough about Paprika. It's amazing, I use in on my phone, iPad, and laptop. It's the first thing that's been able to sync my recipes across devices, and grab recipe data easily from standard formats. If you cook, this is the one. Epicurious is good for finding new recipes, but the interface suuuuuuucks. I love Yelp for finding restaurants. Martha's recipe app is pretty good, but it's hard to get the recipes form there into Paprika to keep forever with non-Martha recipes. Yes I call her Martha. Shut up. Seafood Watch because I eat a lot of fish. I never use the Zagat app, it's not as intuitive as the books. Ness is stupid, and I deleted it.

Performing. I use TouchOSC for video performance (like TIA MAK and such), it's about as simple as an external control surface can possibly be, it sends triggers to various apps through Open Sound Control. Sonic Life is similar, but it triggers based on algorithms from Conway's Game of Life. I've not used it in a show yet. The fact that I have GarageBand on my phone melts my brain, I want to travel back in time and show it to high school me. GuitarPro could be good for displaying and organizing guitar tabs, but the method of getting tabs into it unwieldy.


Reading. All my stuff is in iBooks. I have like two Kindle books, I just don't use it. XKCD, obviously, because it's the best web comic out there. I like those two poetry apps because I like poetry.

Reference. I have always carried a copy of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence with me on every handheld device I've ever owned. MyGov tracks every member of Congress and every US Senator, their spending and donors, contractors in their districts, etc. Fun stuff. Your Rights is a nice little ACLU app that reminds you of your rights with respect to law enforcement. US History is fantastic! It's got every major influential document, state of the union, inaugural, and so on from the Magna Carta to present.


Movies. I need IMDB because I can't remember what else any actor has done when I'm looking at their faces. Netflix, because I need to be able to watch Spongebob at any moment. NFB, because every single amazing animation from the National Film Board of Canada is available to watch FOR FREE.

Travel. I use TripIt, it's a good service that keeps track of what I'm doing when I'm out of town. Fly Delta and Flight Track are a little redundant, but I'm anal about flights. Road Ninja sucks. City Transit, Subway Map, and Hop Stop are all to navigate the NYC transit system in different ways. I'm a subway/bus master when I'm in the city.


Finance. Nothing that amazing there, just tracking expenses and paying bills. I keep all my frequent shopper cards in Key Ring.

1 Trick Ponies. I've never actually used Skype on my phone, but you never. I use Shazam once in a blue moon when I'm in a place and need to know what the song is that's playing. I copy receipts with JotNot.

And finally, I keep stuff that I can't or don't want to throw out in Sys/Utils so they don't clutter up the rest of my screens.

And boom, that's my phone. I didn't go into what games I play (I'm simontarr on Words with Friends) because who cares. I'm planning to do one of these for my computer later on. Should amaze my students with how few apps I actually use.