I Use This Stuff (Mobile, part 1)

I'm sick. My brain is not able to do anything that is complex, so while this stupid virus works its way through me, I'll do something simple that I've been planning to do for a while—an update of the stuff I use on my devices. I last did this in 2008, with one post for Mac and one for Windows. Read those for a laugh.

A couple big changes. 1.) I don't use Windows for anything except GameMaker. 2.) I use mobile devices a lot more. 3.) I use a laptop for almost everything that doesn't require 8 Xeons pounding on it. Which is to say, pretty much everything. I mean, when a laptop has a quad core i7 with the same amount of RAM, it's sort of silly (in a good way).


First up, mobile. I have an iPhone 4S, which is officially my favorite computer I've ever owned. I don't care if there are ever flying cars because we have these things now. I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan, which I don't really come close to saturating, but I really like not thinking about my usage, especially when I travel.

I've got screen shots of my various app screens, which I'll go over, and then split the posts as they get too long. I'm sure there are Android versions of most of this stuff, but I don't much care.

My current lock screen is an image of the Bacon Monster from the marvelous Laura Fisk of Fisk and Fern.

We've got bunches of her stuff all over the place. She's awesome.


Here goes. In the dock, I always have these four items, my music library, Safari, a folder with the App Store, Mail, and my settings, and finally OmniFocus. I use OmniFocus to do all my task management, syncing from my laptop to my phone. The best task management app for me, bar none. A little pricey, and a little too complicated, but it is magnificent.

Tweetbot is my twitter app of choice, ever since Twitter wrecked their own app. Yeah yeah, Facebook. Cal, Contacts, Maps, YouTube, all obvious. I use ZipList for grocery shopping, it's pretty great and I can share lists with my wife. Instapaper is, just, well, you have to try it. The service is free, but the app is paid. You use is to save the text of web pages to read later. Sounds dumb, but just try it. Squarespace is what I use to blog from my phone. Evernote (free app, paid account) is what I use as my note taking, idea dumping ground. I listen to quite a few podcasts, and Instacast is what I use to listen to them, since it manages them better than iTunes, and allows you to stream. That Pinboard icon is just a link to Pinboard.in, which is what social bookmarking should have been all along. 1Password is a must-have app for desktop and mobile. Words With Friends is only on my front page because if it's not, then I forget to take my turns, even though I'm going to lose anyway (my username is simontarr).


My second page is the camera page. I never use the stock camera app unless I'm using the quick shoot from the lock screen. Camera+ is my go-to image taking app, it's got excellent control and is super-precise. Why use ProCamera, then? It is the Camera+ of video. If I'd known about it first, I'd probably only use that, but it doesn't have a volum-control-as-shutter option. Instagram is marvelous. Incredibooth is stupid but cute and free. 360 is my favorite pano photo app, and you can (imagine!) save the images and look at them elsewhere! Flickr's app sucks, and I'll stop using it when my Flickr account expires and i don't renew it. SketchBook Mobile is my favorite sketching app, but to be honest, I usually just use paper and pen. I don't know why CarMinder is on this page. I bought it to keep track of car service, but I haven't been diligent about it.


Then there's my video folder. 8mm is cute but dumb, I never use it. iMovie is... well... come on. I still can't believe I can edit 1080p video on my phone. Vimeo's app is ok. JJ Abrams' Action Movie makes me giggle every time I use it.