Hieronymous at La Mama

I wanted to officially announce this show... I'm designing the media and projections for a new play:


at La Mama, January 20-29 

Written and Directed by Nic Ularu. "A visual performance that recomposes from a puzzle of situations the life and work of Hieronymus Bosch, revealing the condition of the artist in relation to society and his private life. Using elements of black theater, video projections and giant puppets, Hieronymus recreates Bosch’s grotesque and tragic imaginary, in a fantastic universe that incorporates the sacred, the profane, the symbol and the metaphor of his paintings."

There are only six shows, so if you're nearby be sure to catch it. Ticket Information is here, and more information about the location and showtimes are here. (I'll only be present for the opening night performance, so if youre there that night, be sure I see you to say hi and maybe grab a drink afterwards!)

As I wrote earlier today, I'm going to be writing about this process as it unfolds, beginning with this post.