Here's Some Milk. Wanna Buy A Cow?

I remember getting yelled at at one Ann Arbor Film Festival in the 90's by some filmmaker who was pissed at me for putting my short films up on the web (which was a big pain in the ass in 1998). Apparently I was singlehandedly devaluing all experimental films by making my little video available for free. I was personally ruining Canyon Cinema (where you could also rent a 16mm print of the same film, Burning Contour Matrix).

Now, I've always had my stuff on the web, just never things I was also actively trying to sell (having the print at Canyon doesn't count). Last year, I made my first feature film, Rubicon, available online for free. I figured, what the hell. It came out in 2004, it had its festival run, the DVDs weren't selling anymore, time to put it out to pasture.

Then I got a bizarre email from The warehouse needed a couple copies of Rubicon. Then the next week, the warehouse needed a few more. Week after week, more emails from Amazon. Long story short, I've sold more copies of Rubicon in the last year than in did in the previous seven combined, including when it was first released and active in festivals. What. The. Hell.

Sure, on the DVD you get extra audio tracks and crazy subtitle tracks and lovely package art and ADDED VALUE, but I don't think that's the reason it's selling. The fact is, Rubicon is a weird movie, and it's a film that you either love or hate. That's a bit of a risk to spend $25 on a DVD. Now you can watch it and realize "hey, this is totally my thing!" and buy it without worrying that it sucks for you.

So, now I'm selling all the short films that I'm also giving away. I know. That doesn't sound like much incentive to get people to buy movies. At least that what the MPAA says, and they're doing great, right? The downloads are in HD and are ready for your iPhone/iPad/Android/burn to DVD. Old, new, they're all two bucks. Hope you enjoy!


For the rest of July 2012, if you purchase HD downloads of all ten short films and use the coupon code ALLTHETHINGS, you get five bucks off. There's be another coupon code for something else in other months, but this is the one for now.