Hate Blooms

I was planning to sit on this post since I wrote it out of anger, and I try not to launch that stuff right away. But with news of Haley finally deciding to distance herself from an alleged white supremacist on her re-election campaign, I figure what the hell.

This Times piece about the very poorest who are ineligible for ANY health assistance under ACA in states that refuse to expand Medicaid is completely unsurprising.

One thing that we know, particularly about the most staunchly ""“conservative”""[1] states is this:

You cannot stop hate. It blooms. Its pollen covers everything. There’s the harmless yellow pollen that covers your car and you can brush it away and ignore it. But the pollen with grains so fine that you can’t see, that’s the kind that can choke you.

You can elect who you want nationally. You can pass whatever laws you want, laws that can hold up in the Supreme Court and survive infinite scrutiny. You can run ad campaigns. You can believe in your naive little heart[2] that a culture has changed.

But know this. You can never, ever stop their hate. They will hate immigrants. They will hate dark skin. They will hate gays. But more than all of that put together, they will always, always hate the poor.

  1. I can’t put enough air-quotes around that.  ↩

  2. The same heart they refer to when they say “bless his heart” with a shiv  ↩