Glitchscape Rising

Here is why I'm excited.

On Friday, April 5, I will be performing a new piece of video at Carnegie Hall with the American Composers Orchestra. The visual and the simultaneous music, composed by Dan Visconti, is entitled Glitchscape, which is one of the pieces appearing in the "coLABoratory: Playing It UNsafe" concert.

To quote the press release:

coLABoratory is unusual in that it does away with the expectations often associated with orchestral premieres that can squelch composers’ creative impulses – limited rehearsal time, restrictive instrumental possibilities, pre-conceived programmatic or thematic ideas for concerts – and most importantly, the overwhelming pressure on composers to do something "safe."

The video, however, is just as risky. I will be performing the visuals live on stage, during the concert. For an example of how this works, you can take a look at the trailer for my earlier performative piece, TIA MAK. I'll be writing more about this over the next month as it gets closer. However, I can now how off the first official sample image from the Glitchscape visuals:

Glitchscape visuals by Simon Tarr

I hope that if you're in town that you can make it. Tickets are available now at Carnegie Hall's website.