Giri Chit (the Enhanced eBook)

Last time you could own an art film short for $0.99? Right. Probably never.

Just because I'm putting it out as an eBook doesn't mean you can't watch it like a movie. It really does look great.

Actually it's listed as enhanced because every eBook that has non-text materials is listed as enhanced. But it's still awesome. Secret information. Links to things. And oh yeah, the whole damn movie.

If you're on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, use this link to get the sample. If you could leave a five-star rating, that'll help me on my way to my goal of 100,000 downloads, at which point I'll get a gold-plated iPad. (right? that's what you get isn't it?)

If you're using computer, don't use that link! It'll tell you it's not available in the US or some crap. Next chance you get, just search for my name at the iBookstore. I know, it's not optimal, but that's how Apple does it right now.

I hope you enjoy it! drop me a line and let me know what you think... or better yet, leave a rating on the iBookstore!