Getting Software for Class

This post is to follow up with some of the questions in class on Friday, namely "do I have to buy this stuff?" and "where do I get this stuff, anyway?"

Again, the answer is "no, you don't have to buy a computer or software for this clas or this major." However, since you almost certainly have a computer anyway, the question is more along the lines of "how can you do your work on the machine you have?"

I don't think you should buy this software for this class. You can do it later when once you've decided that this is what you want to do regularly. The Student Edition for the Adobe Creative Cloud, which gives you everything they've got, is about $30/month (with a one year commitment) That link is here.

BUT, as I also talked about in class, older versions of this software are also available. Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere CS2 are here.

Take note, however. First, Adobe CS2 doesn't have Dreamweaver (they bought the company that made it after CS2 came out). So you'll still need a web design application. More about that later.

Second, this whole "giving Adobe CS2 away" thing is not quite 100% the case. Except that it is. But it's not. More info about that here: "Is Abobe Giving Away CS2 or Not?"