Getting It

Since it hit the scene, Snapchat escaped me. Oh sure, I have it (I'm simonulacrum), I have friends on it, I enjoy their pictures. But there's this nagging feeling that I just don't "get it." Like I'm Grandpa Simpson yelling at clouds. But today I had a revelation. I totally get Snapchat. I even grok it. 

It's just that I don't have anything to say with it.

It's easy with new expressions of media coming out to want to be a part of them. This feels especially true for me, I guess because I make art with (and teach with) electronic media. For example, Twitter's felt like home to me for a while, and I have real friends there. But even though I know people who really have a voice on Tumblr, I rarely post there. I've got a podcast with my son, and video tutorials out the wazoo, but vlogging is a head-scratcher to me.

With these other tools (Vine, Pinterest, Periscope, etc), it's interesting how my mind confidently jumps to the assumption that I must not "get" them, or even that they must not be "meant for me." But it's much simpler than that, and there's no shame in only using your voice in the channels that work for what you have to say (better than blasting your "message" across every single medium to keep up your "brand").

(So, if I add you on Snapchat, or you add me, I'm not a stalker. And I love what you post. Especially the dogs. And the food. And the food on dogs.)