"Fast Lane" Hegemony

As usual, Marco Arment has a succinct, lucid bullshit detector. It's one (understandable) thing to be pissed off about the proposed FCC rules. But as Marco points out, it's even worse because all of the language being used in the media is cribbed from anti-net-neutrality hegemonic language from the ISPs. Namely, that the proposed rules would "allow" ISPs to "build fast lanes." As Marco points out.

"This is not building anything new — it’s discriminating and restricting what we already have."

Exactly. They don't want to "build" shit. They want to throttle down everything except the parts they use in an extortion scheme from from the Googles and Netflix-es to get to you "more smoothly." Good luck starting a new disruptive idea in this brave new world. That's a nice business you got there, it'd be a shame is something happened to it.

So once again, screw you in the eye, FCC. And everyone, please sign this petition: Maintain true net neutrality to protect the freedom of information in the United States. http://wh.gov/lwhFt