Every Evil Thing

On the Various Social Media today, I keep seeing messages like: "While everyone was distracted by the gay marriage debate, HR 933 (aka the Monsanto Protection Act) was signed into law)" or "where's the profile images about the Monsanto Act?"

Folks. Cut that shit out. Marriage equality wasn't a "distraction" this week. Yes, the Monsanto Protection Bullcrap Thing passed and got signed. That's what they do, they get away with stuff when they think people aren't looking.

But don't say it passed because all the non-bigoted people were distracted by marriage equality. That was some important shit, and if you don't see that, I can't help you. Sorry if we can't keep up with every evil thing that comes down the pike.

Yeah, but I didn't do the red equals sign thing on Facebook. I never know when to switch back to normal. There's still people who have their Twitter location set to "Tehran," it's sort of depressing.