Events and Non-Events

I was firing up Apple's Aperture to do some work on photos, and this time I lasted about 45 minutes before rage-quitting. I normally use Adobe Lightroom for photos, as it is superior in most ways, but Aperture works better at interfacing with online services like Flickr and Facebook, and for the moment I really needed just that.

But great googly moogly is it a terrible program. I was trying to figure out why. Why does it make me so angry to use it?

Then I remembered how awesome iPhoto used to be before it started sucking. And then I remembered that iMovie used to be really great, and then it started sucking. And we all remember what happened with Final Cut Pro (spoiler: was great, now sucks).

It finally dawned on me. "Events."

All of these formerly excellent applications had relatively open and flexible methods to apply your own workflow, and then one by one the lead engineer shoehorned this concept of "Events" into them, forcing everyone to view their own media ingest through the lens of these ham-handed "Events." You might be able to figure out a trick to deal with your media in the way you'd like to, or to fit the workflow of your project, but it will always be a workaround to the way the engineers would prefer you to work.