EPFC Movie Mondays Week 5: New Wolf Moon

For posterity and lack of trust in Facebook, I'll be archiving the things I post for my curating of the Echo Park Film Center's Marvelous Movie Mondays for December 2013.

ST's field notes — December 30 — New Wolf Moon

Go then, you. Look one more time on what you've done and go. Here. Today. The bones of the world are still gray and soft. I'll stay for a while and tend to them, keep them clean, turn them in the sun so they bleach out into hollow, brittle things that can't remember what they once held up. Visitors will take pictures and make up stories. Some stories will be better than the real ones then those will become real and we won't know or be able to fix them but it won't matter as long as they start sad and end happy. O forgive me for not seeing that you had become slighter than your own shadow. Go and take a firm bright form and I will make it there. Go and go and go and become the new year and wait for me there. I will make it there I will.

One more thing for you for the old year. I miss you already.

"Ruins" by Jake Elliot