EPFC Movie Mondays Week 1: New Cold Moon

For posterity and lack of trust in Facebook, I'll be archiving the things I post for my curating of the Echo Park Film Center's Marvelous Movie Mondays for December 2013.

ST's field notes — December 2 — New Cold Moon

Whatever might have been left still growing is dying. Without all this green in the way, you can see things as they are. The bones of the world. Patterns that were there all year long, but hidden by the pride of spring and excess of summer. Look and watch, but take care. Get what sunlight you can. Everyday's a little darker and darker. It's still bearable now, not like in a few weeks when it will feel like all you can do to just try and get through it. You'll need to slaughter the cattle now so you don't have to feed them the grain you worked so hard to store up. At least there will be some meat and then maybe you can make it.

Now watch this film, scoop up all the daylight that's left, hold it close to your heart.

"Strange Attractors" by Mike Wechsler